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Department ofClassics and Ancient
Mediterranean Studies

Taylor Gray

Taylor Gray
Assistant Research Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
222 Weaver Building
Pronouns: He/Him


I am a biblical scholar whose primary area of research is the historical and literary development of the god Yahweh. As such, I work closely with the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and other ancient Near Eastern languages, texts, and material culture. I also am interested in biblical poetics and hermeneutics, specifically how polysemy and polyphony reflect ancient concepts of truth, coherence, and meaning.

I have had the chance to present my research in England, Scotland, Finland, and throughout the United States. I have also published on Semitic linguistics and ancient Near Eastern iconography.

In addition to my research, I enjoy teaching the Bible at Penn State. Teaching truly is my passion and in the classroom, I hope to help students read carefully, critically, and sensitively. The Bible, for better or worse, is a foundational corpus in Western society and so it is imperative that students learn how to engage with it critically, regardless of religious affiliation.