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Department ofClassics and Ancient
Mediterranean Studies

Dual-Title Ph.D.

Dual-Title Ph.D.

Students electing this program through participating departments will earn a degree with a dual-title at the Ph.D. level, i.e., Ph.D. in a graduate program in a participating department and Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies.

Dual-title degrees grounded both in CAMS and a given discipline will acknowledge and foster interdisciplinary scholarship. This dual-title degree program will increase the intellectual rigor, breadth, and depth of graduate work in a participating program through immersion in the disciplinary fields covered by the Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies: the literatures and languages of ancient Mediterranean societies; their history, social and material cultures, and their reception by other cultures.

This dual-title program will thus provide a context in which students will learn how to synthesize knowledge within and across traditional disciplinary boundaries. In addition, this dual-title degree program will provide qualified students opportunities for instructional training encouraging an interdisciplinary approach to teaching.

The primary advantages of this dual-title program include the intellectual and academic advantages and benefits of interdisciplinary study, as well as the enhancement of the reputation of the departments concerned through an innovative program, leading to recruitment of highly qualified graduate students, and an improved placement of doctoral graduates in highly-competitive humanities fields.

The dual-title Ph.D. is currently available to Ph.D. students enrolled in the Department of Philosophy.