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Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Minor

Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, Minor

The CAMS minor recognizes the completion of a broadly interdisciplinary study of the cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world through 18 credits of course work, including 6 credits at the 400-level. The courses offered are concerned with the cultures of the ancient Near East, Egypt, and Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome in such fields as civilization, archaeology, history, philosophy, religion, and mythologies. Students who complete the Penn State Athens Education Abroad Program and its prerequisite course may apply to receive the minor. Students in the minor may also receive credit for participating in approved archaeological fieldwork in the Mediterranean region. While the study of language is not required, students are encouraged to study the appropriate ancient languages. The minor is especially suitable for students in such fields as history, medieval studies, anthropology, literature, philosophy, and education.

More details on degree requirements can be found in the following PDF: CAMS Degree Requirements  

Supporting Courses and Related Areas
Select 12 credits from CAMS courses
Select 6 credits of 400-level CAMS courses

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor, as specified by Senate Policy 59-10.

Undergraduate Advisers:
Jake Nabel
Tombros Early Career Professor of Classical Studies and Assistant Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Pronouns: He/Him
Ben Whitesell
Academic Advisor
Pronouns: He/Him