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Biblical Studies Certificate

Biblical Studies Certificate

The Biblical Studies Certificate provides a foundation on which to pursue a major in Jewish Studies or Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CAMS); or to build a minor in Jewish Studies, CAMS, Religious Studies, Hebrew, or Greek.

  • Only 12 credits required (4 courses; see below for options)
  • Focuses on the academic study of both the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and New Testament
  • Supplements other Penn State majors and minors, such as: Art History, Comparative Literature, English, Political Science, Anthropology, etc.
  • Opens many opportunities for education abroad, archaeological excavation in Israel, independent study projects, and internships
  • Financial aid available

More details on the certificate can be found in the following PDF: Biblical Studies Certificate  

Foundation courses (6 credits, 2 courses):

  • Intro to the Bible: Old Testament (JST 110/CAMS 110/RLST 110) AND
  • Choice of: New Testament (JST 120/CAMS 120/RLST 120) or
  • Jesus the Jew (JST 112/CAMS 121/RLST 121) or
  • Early and Medieval Christianity (JST 124/CAMS 124/RLST 124)

Elective courses (at least 6 credits, 2 courses):

  • Jewish and Christian Foundations (JST 4/CAMS 4/RLST 4)
  • Lands of the Bible (JST 12/CAMS 12/RLST 12)
  • Prophecy in the Bible and the Ancient Near East (JST 70/CAMS 70/RLST 70)
  • Canaan and Israel in Antiquity (JST 102/CAMS 102/RLST 102/HIST 102)
  • Bible as Literature (JST 104/ENGL 104)
  • Early Judaism (JST 111/CAMS 111/RLST 111)
  • Apocalypse and Beyond (JST 122/CAMS 122/RLST 122)
  • History of God: Origins of Monotheism (JST 123/CAMS 123/RLST 123)
  • Dead Sea Scrolls (JST 153/CAMS 153/RLST 153)
  • Books of Bible: Readings and Interpretation (JST 425W/CAMS 425W/RLST 425W)
  • Archaeology of the Near East (JST 420/CAMS 430/ANTH 420)
  • Biblical language courses, such as Hebrew (e.g., JST/CAMS 151), Greek, Aramaic, and more!