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Latin Placement Exam

Latin Placement Exam

The courses LATIN 101, 102, and 203 are equivalent to the LATIN 1, 2, 3 sequence. No prerequisites are required for LATIN 101, 102, or 203; placement will vary based on prior Latin experience.

Two self-graded placement exams are available for students (keys provided). One places students in either LATIN 101 or 102; the other places students in either LATIN 102 or 203. Students and advisers can also reach out directly to the instructor for more information.

Please note: This is a self-graded placement that is meant to suggest the proper level, but it is not binding. Students may choose the level in which they feel most comfortable.

For students seeking a non-credit examination to demonstrate Latin proficiency for graduate school, please see details on the following page: Please note that CAMS does not offer credit by examination for students seeking to satisfy the 12th credit of the language requirement.