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BA/MA Integrated Undergrad-Grad Programs

BA/MA Integrated Undergrad-Grad Programs

BA/MA Integrated Undergrad-Grad Programs (IUG)

Requirements listed here are in addition to requirements listed in GCAC-210 Integrated Undergraduate-Graduate (IUG) Degree Programs.

The Department of Anthropology offers two integrated undergraduate-graduate (IUG) degree programs (B.A./B.A./M.A. or B.A./B.S./M.A.) designed to allow academically superior students to obtain either a B.A. degree in Anthropology or a B.S. degree in Anthropological Science, a B.A. degree in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (CAMS), and an M.A. degree in Anthropology in five years of study.


Students who are applying to the Integrated Undergraduate and Graduate (IUG) program must complete the Graduate School application for admission, and must meet all the admission requirements of the Graduate School and the Anthropology IUG graduate program, listed on the Admission Requirements tab. Students shall be admitted to an IUG program no earlier than the beginning of the third semester of undergraduate study at Penn State (regardless of transfer or AP credits accumulated prior to enrollment) and no later than the end of the second week of the semester preceding the semester of expected conferral of the undergraduate degree, as specified in the proposed IUG plan of study. Criteria for admission include a minimum GPA of 3.4 in their majors, strong recommendation letters from faculty, and an excellent proposal for a research project with a specific adviser who has agreed to guide the student through to the completion of the M.A. thesis or scholarly paper. In consultation with this adviser, students must prepare a plan of study appropriate to this integrated program, and must present their plan of study in person to the head of the graduate program or the appropriate committee overseeing the integrated program prior to being admitted to the program. The plan should cover the entire time period of the integrated program, and it should be reviewed periodically with an adviser as the student advances through the program. 


Students must fulfill all requirements for each degree in order to be awarded that degree, subject to the double-counting of credits as outlined below. Degree requirements for the B.A. in Anthropology, B.A. in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies, and B.S. in Anthropological Science are listed in the Undergraduate Bulletin. Degree requirements for the M.A. degree are listed below. Up to 12 credits may be double-counted towards the degree requirements for both the graduate and undergraduate degrees; a minimum of 50% of the double-counted courses must be at the 500 or 800 level. Credits associated with the culminating experience for the graduate degree cannot be double-counted.

ANTH 541
Current Literature in Integrative Anthropology
ANTH 560
Current Literature in Integrative Anthropology
ANTH 571
Principles of Human Evolutionary Biology
ANTH 588
Method and Theory in Archaeology

Students must sequence their courses so all undergraduate degree requirements are fulfilled before taking courses to count towards the graduate degree. If students accepted into the IUG program are unable to complete the M.A. degree, they are still eligible to receive their undergraduate degree if all the undergraduate degree requirements have been satisfied.

Graduate Adviser:
Anna Peterson
Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Pronouns: She/Her