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Mediterranean Studies

Jason Brooks

Jason Brooks
Lecturer in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Pronouns: He/Him


Dr. Brooks studies the intersection of ancient Greek poetry—especially tragedy—and Russian modernism. His dissertation was a sustained analysis of Innokentii Annenskii’s translation of Euripides’ Medea, looking at how this translation fit into Annenskii's larger poetic oeuvre specifically, and how his translation can contribute to Euripidean studies more generally. Dr. Brooks has published in Slavic and East European Journal, The Comparatist, Orbis Litterarum, andComparative Literature Studies; he also contributed a biography of Richmond Lattimore for the 2007 edition of The Odyssey of Homer. Dr. Brooks has taught in CAMS since 2000, and he developed the web versions of CAMS025 and CAMS045.

Education Details:

PhD in Comparative Literature, The Pennsylvania State University, 2014
MA in Comparative Literature, The Pennsylvania State University, 2002
BA in Comparative Literature, The University of California, Davis, 2000
Jason Brooks