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Mediterranean Studies

Jennifer E. Singletary

Jennifer E. Singletary
Assistant Research Professor of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies
325 Weaver Building, University Park, PA 16802
Pronouns: She/Her


Dr. Singletary’s research focuses on the ancient Near East and the Hebrew Bible. Her work explores ancient ideas regarding the superhuman, methods used to communicate with nonobvious beings, relationships among religious specialists, and cognitive approaches to religion and linguistics. Her first book (under contract with Brill) examines deified objects, qualities, and attributes in the ancient Near East. Her second book project investigates the strategies that ancient diviners, including prophets, used to discredit their rivals or work cooperatively with their peers in Old Babylonian Mari, Neo-Assyria, and the Hebrew Bible. Her research on this topic was recently featured in an article in Archaeology magazine ( She is also the area editor for the Early Alphabetic and Northwest Semitic section of the Prayer in the Ancient World project.

Education Details:

Ph.D. in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Brown University (2014)
A.M. in Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Brown University (2007)
M.A. in English, Pennsylvania State University (2005)
B.A. in Philosophy and Religion, Boston University (2002)


Uses and Misuses of Ancient Mediterranean Sources: Erudition, Authority, Manipulation. Co-edited with Chiara Meccariello. SERAPHIM. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2022.

“Incomparable or Prototypical: Yahweh among the Gods in the Hebrew Bible.” In With the Loyal You Show Yourself Loyal: Essays on Relationships in the Hebrew Bible in Honor of Saul M. Olyan, edited by T. M. Lemos, Jordan D. Rosenblum, Karen B. Stern, and Debra Scoggins Ballentine. Ancient Israel and Its Literature. Atlanta: SBL Press, 2021.

Jennifer Singletary