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The Ties That Bind? Living (Ancient) History in the US and Germany

The Ties That Bind? Living (Ancient) History in the US and Germany
August 23, 2021
– August 27, 2021

Please join us in the first week of the fall semester (Mon., Aug. 23 to Friday, Aug. 27) for a condensed seminar called The Ties That Bind? Living (Ancient) History in the US and Germany, co-taught by Prof. Mathias Hanses of Penn State University, Prof. Jackie Murray of the University of Kentucky, and Profs. Anja Bettenworth and Joachim Harst of the University of Cologne, Germany. 

All students and faculty members are welcome to attend but are asked to express their interest at their earliest convenience by filling out this sign-up sheet. Please feel free to contact Prof. Hanses ( for any questions.

The class will be taught on Zoom. Participants may attend any or all individual sessions. Up to 2 credits available based upon arrangements with the instructors.


Zoom information is available here (US times are in the right-hand column).

Readings can be accessed here.



Schedule (all times ET)

Monday, Aug. 23: Rome on the Rhine

8-9:30am: Roman Cologne: A Virtual Visit to the Ancient City

10-11:30am: Medieval/Jewish Cologne (guest: Dr. Christiane Twiehaus)

12-1:30pm: Colonian Way of Life (guest: Aaron Knappstein)


Tuesday, Aug. 24: Varus and the Germans

8-9:30am: The Battle of Varus: Sources and Meaning for 19th-Century Germany

10-11:30am: Virtual Visit to the Varus-Museum in Kalkriese (guest: Dr. Heidrun Derks)

12-1:30pm: Nazi Ideology and Prehistory (guest: Prof. Silviane Scharl)


Wednesday, Aug. 25: The American Civil War and Antiquity

8-9:30am: Methodological Reflections: Memory and Memorialization

10-11:30am: A Virtual Visit to the Lincoln Memorial

12-1:30pm: The Battle at Gettysburg (guest: Prof. Charles Kupfer)


Thursday, Aug. 26: Black History and Antiquity

8-9:30am: Black Classicism: An Introduction

10-11:30am: W. E. B. Du Bois' Views of the Ancient World

12-1:30pm: Discussion


Friday, Aug. 27: Black History, Part 2 + Wrap-up

8-9:30am: Black History in US Museums

10-11:30am: Discussion in Break-Out Sessions

12-1:30pm: Concluding Discussion