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Department of Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

CAMS 45H: Classical Mythology – Honors

CAMS 45H: Classical Mythology – Honors


Marshall, Laura


Tues, Thurs


9:05-10:20 A.M.


Electrical Engineering West 101


CAMS 45H Classical Mythology (3) (GH)(H)(IL)(BA) CAMS 45H introduces the myths of ancient Greece and Rome as they are represented in the canonical works of Greek and Latin literature and art. Students become conversant in classical mythology by studying the stories of gods and goddesses and heroes and heroines. The course discusses the meaning and function of myths in their historical, religious, and literary contexts. It may also approach the interpretation of myth from different disciplinary perspectives (comparative mythology, critical theory, cultural anthropology, gender theory, history, philosophy, psychology, religion, or rhetoric). In addition, CAMS 45H gives students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and understanding of myth to the flourishing legacy of classical mythology in the literature, art, and culture of subsequent ages.