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Egypt Summer Study Tour

The study tour of Egypt is an 18-day program (usually early in May), offering 3 or 6 credits of coursework. The tour typically travels from end to end of the country, and sometimes into Nubia on the south, examining ruins that are normally introduced to the student by textbook only: the pyramid fields of Giza, Saqqara and Dahshur, the classical antiquities of Alexandria, the tombs and temples of Thebes, the cenotaphs at Abydos, the tombs and high dam of Aswan, as well as three spectacular museums. Modern Egypt -- Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria, the Suez Canal -- are also on the tour list; and the student has the opportunity to meet and interact with modern Egyptians.

Lectures are regularly given detailing the monuments to be seen on the following day, and sometimes brief talks at the monument-sites themselves. No visit to Egypt would be complete without examining the commercial life at which Egyptians excel; and students have abundant opportunity to visit the "suq" (market).

For details about this study tour contact Professor Donald Redford or Dr. Susan Redford.

Student Testimonial

“I did not start at Penn State in the CAMS department but by the time my fourth semester came around I found myself declaring a major in CAMS because I loved the subject matter. The courses instructed by the CAMS faculty gave me many opportunities to challenge my thinking. (...)
The department offers a wide variety of courses with some taught every semester, while more advanced courses change constantly. All of these courses introduced me to the wide variety of topics covered in the field. The CAMS department has many courses focusing on the Ancient the Near East and not exclusively Greece and Rome. In fact, classes in both areas are requirements of the degree. This breadth of study gave me a strong base of knowledge on which to build. The CAMS major offers an archaeology option that fostered my interests and supported my secondary major in Archaeology. I was surprised to find so many opportunities to study abroad within the department. I went on my first excavation in Israel in 2008 with support from Penn State and I did not want to return. Archaeology in the Near East became one of my favorite subjects. Since 2008, I have gone on two more excavations sponsored by Penn State. Without these experiences abroad, I would have never discovered and developed my passion for the study of the Ancient Near East. Now that I have graduated with a B.A. in Classics and Ancient Mediterranean Studies and a B.S. in Archaeological Science, I shall continue my education by graduate work in Archaeological Studies at Yale University. The experiences and interactions that I have had in my years at Penn State in the CAMS department serve as the foundation for my future studies.”

Jane Skinner
2011 CAMS graduate

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